October 4, 2020


June 28, 2020

Hit List

FLICK, PAPERBACK, SOUND While you’re sequestered, look at the bright side. Time suddenly feels like it did when you were ten. It yawns. It drags. It lays bare, huge swaths of itself. That’s an awful prospect when you’re a kid, but knowing what you know now, consider the luxurious reality of having the time to catch up on that back log of entertainment you’ve been wishfully adding to for years. Through HIT LIST, Team Lump will share its entertainment favs with you. We’re talking about essential material that has, in some part, defined our culture, both high and low. So, if your watch list is depleted, you’re sick of hearing that nagging ear worm, or you just ripped through the last of the Travis McGee pulp series, then check in every Friday for an ever growing list of movies, books […]
March 23, 2020


FÄQUE KNEWS, beginning March 27th online Thanks to COVID- 19, we are forced to reconsider our use of the gallery space, in a moment when its traditional function is a sudden liability to public health. Like most art spaces, Lump has shut its doors and retracted into an entirely digital space. But instead of showing images of work that are originally designed to be experienced with feet on the ground, eyeball to canvas, Lump is investing its energy in showcasing work that is meant to exist solely in a digital space. FÄQUE KNEWS is the first of a series of exclusively digital projects that circumvent the traditional model of exhibition. Geraldo Rivera recently told us on national T.V. that if we can hold our breath for more than ten seconds, then we clearly don’t have the Corona virus. That type […]
February 8, 2020


NIGHT OF THE HUNTER film screening, Friday February 28th, 7pm Robert Mitchum’s preacher, in this Hollywood classic, is unadulteratedly evil. He is Species Complex, incarnate. Like an animal on the prowl in some fable, he moves slowly and speaks deliberately, with conviction. He is, at once, a chameleon and a predator. And he’s hunting children. Projected in High Definition from a new digital restoration from the original 35mm, black and white negative. Free admission and free popcorn.
February 8, 2020

LORD OF THE FLIES and CARNAL KNOWLEDGE – double feature – March 6

LORD OF THE FLIES and CARNAL KNOWLEDGE – double feature film screening, Friday March 6th, 7pm and 9pm, respectively This unlikely double feature offers two more angles on the theme of Jeff Whetstone’s, Species Complex.First: What happens when a group of school boys are stranded on an island with no adult supervision? According to the legendary book of the same name (the one that we were all forced to read in the 9th grade), they regress to humankind’s base nature. The strong rule by violence, and the weak suffer quietly. But, they don’t become total animals. These marooned Catholics, at least, maintain allegiance to a god. One that exists in the flesh, right on the island. Darwin would be giddy and disturbed. Second: What happens when two college students set out to lose their virginity? Nothing remotely like you’ll see in Porky’s or American Pie. Carnal Knowledge  is quite possibly one of the most slyly upsetting movies […]
February 8, 2020


MILLIE and FLOOR MODEL performances on Friday, March 13th, 8pm More experimental music from two spectacularly hypnotic performers.
February 8, 2020

Blount Force Magazine: The Beyond

BLOUNT FORCE MAGAZINE #2 Available February, 28th. We’re calling this issue, The Beyond. Read about moments that occurred at threshold of the unknown. See  images that leave you hanging, ill at ease. We’ve collected a handful of artists’ accounts of the afterlife, UFOs, telekinesis, terrorists, magicians, cults and more. Blount Force #2 preaches Team Lump’s collective faith in the inexplicable. It’s a notion that nearly every artist enshrines in their creative practice, because if we knew for sure what our strangest experiences were and what they meant, we’d be bored to death, all the way into The Beyond. Stop by the gallery in March and grab a copy, or go to, to place an order. You can also add it to your bag of printed goodies from The Concern Newsstand at,
January 1, 2020

Lost Highway

December 31, 2019

♫ X Harlow, Endo Kame, Chinchorro ♫

December 30, 2019

Sticky Fingers of Time