July 4, 2023

Discourse and Dialogue

Discourse and Dialogue: “9.5 Theses on Art and Class” Wednesday July 12th 7 – 8:30 pm On the evening of July 12th, LUMP will host Discourse and Dialogue, a roving monthly in-depth discussion about artwork, philosophies and the art world at large, organized by artist Jean Gray Moh. Anyone is welcome to join in on the conversation at any time. The focus of this discussion will be “9.5 Theses on Art and Class” a 2013 essay written by art critic Ben Davis, and we will be joined by Kathryn Desplanque along with Jean Gray Moh. This essay reframes the dynamics of the art world, especially the relationship between artists and the art market, in Marxist terms through class analysis. Unafraid to challenge art world assumptions and posturing, 9.5 Theses invites artists, art organizers, and art administrators to reconsider whether our actions […]
May 29, 2023

Small School Artist Talks + Workshop

Thursday June 8 Erik Brandt: Ficciones Typografika Artist talk  (registration) 6pm Saturday June 10, Workshop with Erik Brandt  (registration) 9-11am Thursday June 22 Don Crow: The Spaces Between Two Things (registration) 6-7pm Friday June 23 5-6pm: Conversation between Don Crow and Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson about their current exhibition (registration) 5-6pm Small School is an art-based, alternative education platform.  Currently Small School is serving Raleigh by providing opportunities to directly engage with prominent national and international visiting artists through artist talks and small group workshops.  Erik Brandt is a graphic designer and educator currently based in Minneapolis and runs a studio called Typografika.  Don Crow is a teacher, painter and collage artist based in Richmond, VA.  Crow’s fragile paper collages, large digital prints and abstract paintings draw attention to objects as obvious constructions and invisible processes. This series is free, please register at […]
July 18, 2022

Story Sharing Event

STORY SHARING EVENT Friday. July 22nd, 7:30-9pm Abortion Stories 2022, is an interactive art project, founded by Cassandra Neyenesch @CassandraNeyenesch and Carolina Franco @dra.wc_franco, that will provide Lump as a safe, non-judgmental space for anyone who feels moved to share their personal abortion story. You will not be recorded without your permission, but you may indicate in the notes section of the sign-up form (linked below), whether or not you consent to have your story documented, in video or audio form. The story telling event is for absolutely anyone who wants to share their experience with abortion, regardless of whether they have been pregnant or not. Those who prefer to tell their story privately, have the option to share it with a listener, one-on-one. You can explore more about this ongoing project, HERE. and HERE. We are especially welcoming of people with identities that are disproportionately affected in the abortion struggle: BiPOC, […]
June 1, 2022

Lump in the Night – June 3rd

LUMP IN THE NIGHT Repo Man / Street Trash Friday, June 3rd, 8pm. We’re scraping the bottom of the burn barrel with this double feature, and we’ve never been more excited. It starts with Repo Man, Alex Cox’s cult masterwork, the soundtrack of which offers an impeccable tasting menu of mid 80’s LA, punk and hardcore, while lampooning Scientology through the eyes of Otto, an insolent punk-turned car repossession agent. Then, for the real horror heads, we’ll go lowbrow raunch with, Street Trash, a uniquely sordid flick about a stray shipment of toxic ripple that blows street bums into neon rainbows of viscera. Totally offensive. Totally gross. If you haven’t seen either one of these flicks, you should wonder why they were kept from you, then put your shoes on, this Friday, and hoof it to Lump for the fix. […]
June 1, 2022

Diane Cluck & Chanelle Allesandre – June 12th

June 12th at 7pm After two agonizing years of discouraging people from collecting indoors, Lump is bringing experimental music performances back to the space, starting with Diane Cluck and Chanelle Allesandre. We can let the sounds wash over us once again. And it’s a good thing we don’t hear through our mouths, because masks are still mandatory, indoors at Lump. We’ve got free ones at the door.
June 1, 2022

Lump in the Night – July 3rd

LUMP IN THE NIGHT Action USA / Return of the Living Dead Sunday, July 3rd, 8pm. TWO Lumps in the Night!? Well, yeah man. It’s summer. We’ve just gotten over our Covid infections, and we’re feeling ambitious; daringly so, despite the prolonged fatigue. Up first, Josh from Lunchmeat has offered us his latest video release, a patriotic Chuck Norris knock-off that puts Chuck to shame, called Action USA. We will indeed be hooking up the VCR and playing it in a soothing 320 by 240 lines of resolution. For the second feature, we’re doing a make-up day for Return of the Living Dead. It just didn’t feel right, that quiet April night, because the story takes place on the night of July 3rd, so… ‘got to. Organized by Moviegoer NC and Mystery Meat with guest host, Lunchmeat VHS. Look out […]
October 4, 2020


June 28, 2020

Hit List

FLICK, PAPERBACK, SOUND While you’re sequestered, look at the bright side. Time suddenly feels like it did when you were ten. It yawns. It drags. It lays bare, huge swaths of itself. That’s an awful prospect when you’re a kid, but knowing what you know now, consider the luxurious reality of having the time to catch up on that back log of entertainment you’ve been wishfully adding to for years. Through HIT LIST, Team Lump will share its entertainment favs with you. We’re talking about essential material that has, in some part, defined our culture, both high and low. So, if your watch list is depleted, you’re sick of hearing that nagging ear worm, or you just ripped through the last of the Travis McGee pulp series, then check in every Friday for an ever growing list of movies, books […]
March 23, 2020


FÄQUE KNEWS, beginning March 27th online Thanks to COVID- 19, we are forced to reconsider our use of the gallery space, in a moment when its traditional function is a sudden liability to public health. Like most art spaces, Lump has shut its doors and retracted into an entirely digital space. But instead of showing images of work that are originally designed to be experienced with feet on the ground, eyeball to canvas, Lump is investing its energy in showcasing work that is meant to exist solely in a digital space. FÄQUE KNEWS is the first of a series of exclusively digital projects that circumvent the traditional model of exhibition. Geraldo Rivera recently told us on national T.V. that if we can hold our breath for more than ten seconds, then we clearly don’t have the Corona virus. That type […]
February 8, 2020


NIGHT OF THE HUNTER film screening, Friday February 28th, 7pm Robert Mitchum’s preacher, in this Hollywood classic, is unadulteratedly evil. He is Species Complex, incarnate. Like an animal on the prowl in some fable, he moves slowly and speaks deliberately, with conviction. He is, at once, a chameleon and a predator. And he’s hunting children. Projected in High Definition from a new digital restoration from the original 35mm, black and white negative. Free admission and free popcorn.