the nothing that is – Chapter 7

the nothing that is – Chapter 7

“Back in 2015, I curated the nothing that is (a drawing show in 5 parts) at CAM Raleigh. The exhibition then traveled to the Carnegie in Cincinnati and picked up drawers along the way. I’ve been thinking a lot about that show in recent years and I never felt it was complete and hopefully it will never be. Chapter 6 investigated queer strategies last month at Lump, Chapter 7 investigates the relationship between sound and drawing.”  -Bill Thelen

The 3 part ‘sound as drawing’ event will have 3 music events during the weekends of:

  • June 7 – 9 | grow with us – enmossed and hot releases music labels
  • June 14 – 16 | Exquisite Corpse – All Data Lost
  • June 21 – 23 | The Devil finds work for the unoccupied mind – Wifflefist Weekender

Please note all of June will be event-based hours only!  More info below.  Keep an eye on our Instagram page for event times this month.

The Devil Quickly Finds Work for an Unoccupied Mind:
a Wifflefist 33 1/3 Anniversary

Opening Friday, June 21 5-9pm with live music at 7pm.

Saturday, June 22nd live performances start at 6:30pm with Silica Gel, Beatless, Laso Halo and Repetophile.

Sunday, gallery hours 3-6pm. 

Join us as we celebrate Wifflefist, the unique arts collective that wasn’t strictly a record label or an artist ensemble but still managed to captivate, frustrate, perplex, and entertain audiences during the 1990s in the Triangle, NC area. Wifflefist gave rise to musical groups such as Silica Gel, The BeatlesS, Polycarp, Repetophile, and the film archivist entity of A/V Geeks.

Come see collected visual archives, visit with Wifflefist members, and experience live sounds and performances!

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All Data Lost : Exquisite Corpse

Friday, June 14 & Saturday, June 15: Doors 6pm / Music 7pm

Entry: $10-$20 sliding scale (pay what you can afford)

All Data Lost : Exquisite Corpse is two evenings of sonic exploration and experimentation featuring an array of artists, instrumentation and improvisation.

Based around the concept of an exquisite corpse- where artists collaborate to create a composite, possibly surreal piece- the idea of this event is to loosely create something similar, but with sound.

Lineup: Crowmeat Bob, cenOte, 80 lb. Test, Nostalgianoid, Dallas Thrasher, Bryce Eiman, Fear Family, Lena Gray, Lunar Creature, Spookstina.

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grow with us, vol. 1
enmossed retrospective + installation 2017-2024

opening weekend performances:

Friday June 7, starting @ 5 PM

Glyn Maier (DJ)
Orchid Dealer
Patrick Gallagher
doris dana + Marta Núñez Pouzols
Nick Klein
Expugnantis (DJ)

Saturday June 8, starting @ 6 PM, presented by Hot Releases

Mirrored Fatality
Kyle Flanagan

Sunday June 9, starting @ 6 PM

Secret Boyfriend
DJ Chooch
Jake Muir (DJ)
Alene Marie
N Bath

Limited capacity – email [email protected] to reserve or buy tickets.

for all 3 nites :: $60
individual night $25 (this price point is for this weekend only) other events price tbd.

Part 1 – grow with us vol. 1 revolves around the music label enmossed, launched by Glyn Maier in 2017 from a forest in Maine and currently based in the Pisgah Forest of North Carolina. To date, has released 41 cassettes, 29 vinyl records, three flexi singles, and other ephemera. All of this has been produced by an underground community that works in various strands of electronic music, noise, sound art, and combinations thereof.

Focused on contemporary sound by mostly younger artists, many of whom have connections with each other, enmossed is concerned with the ecology not only of underground artistic production, but the literal ecologies in which this production takes place. All of enmossed’s releases are made from recycled cassette shells, recycled paper, and water-based inks, and cassettes are duplicated at a carbon-neutral facility. Beyond this, a core pillar of enmossed is that the profits from the releases go to a progressive cause of the artist’s choice. So far, over $14,000 has been donated.

This exhibition is also an occasion for exclusive new releases by Expugnantis, Jake Muir, and Secret Boyfriend. Besides these outputs, grow with us vol. 1 also includes a selection of the materials used to create or inspire the work from its catalog. This includes original window screenprints from artist Laura Artega Charlton which created the instigating moiré pattern for enmx series cassette j-card inserts; Lauren Pakradooni’s sculpture pictured on the cover of Patrick Gallagher e.78; and a complete archive of the tape loops used to create You Look So Serious I + II by Florian T M Zeisig.

Original artworks unrelated to specific releases are also installed, which expand and contextualize the artists’ broader practices: a site-specific poem by David Caccogna, a painting by Nick Klein, an altar of ephemera by Kristen Soller, and drawings and collages by Ryan Martin. With the gathering and presentation of these works and the entirety of the enmossed catalog—as well as physical live performances by many in the community during the opening weekend—this exhibition serves as documentation not only of a music label, but of the energies and movements that animate this particular community of contemporary artists working across sound and other mediums.

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