March 2, 2023

The Digital Wilds

The Digital Wilds Group show curated by Cosmic Rays Digital March 3rd through April 2nd Opening reception this Friday, March 3rd, 6-9pm   The Digital Wilds is a digital art exhibition curated by Cosmic Rays Digital, a programming initiative of the 5th Cosmic Rays Film Festival ( The artists selected for this exhibition observe human-made digital technology as it interacts with the natural world. The works include computerized bivalves, botanical fakery, species séances, and vegetal matrices. Through the twisting tendrils of digital code, these artists render nature as both wild and programmed, toggling between responsive and impervious states. The show highlights critical engagement with the new media technologies that surround us– technologies that threaten to ensnare us at the same time they promise to set us free– while investigating digital forms of privacy, identity, and nature. Patricia Dominguez Meredith Drum eteam (Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger) […]
March 2, 2023

Routine by Sean Livingstone

ROUTINE Solo show by Sean Livingstone March 3rd through April 2nd Opening reception this Friday, March 3rd, 6-9pm Sean’s work melds his own strange brand of analog nostalgia with one of the darkest aspects of American culture: gun violence. To say that gun violence has become ROUTINE, is an understatement, and the work in this show highlights the unsettling banality that characterizes our response to that violence. Through a series of deftly simple drawings, Sean has abstracted crossword puzzles, taken from the New York Times on each day that a mass shooting occurred. He has created a series of shrines to cassette tapes which contain music that are connected to three gun-related, teenage suicides during the 1980’s. In each case, the parents blamed the music and sued the bands for causing the deaths. And Sean punctuates the show with a low-fi video that pairs militaristic TV channel sign-off clips, with CCTV footage of the school shooting at Columbine. […]