September 17, 2020

BEGAT – Warren Hicks

BEGAT Prints and sculpture by Warren Hicks September 18th – November 1st Closing reception Friday, October 30th, 6-9pm (pandemic permitting) For his first solo show at Lump,  Warren Hicks will give us an irreverent reworking of The Book of Matthew in a series of searing, hilarious prints and biblical artifacts. He has transformed the gallery into his own version of a Bible museum. This is the culmination of over two years of work that stems from Warren’s antipathy toward his own hardcore Christian upbringing. Warren says, “My first experience with the insanity of extreme Christian beliefs hit me personally when I was fourteen years old. I lost my cousin because his parents wouldn’t take him to a doctor when he sick, because they believed in miracles and God would protect him. Neither God nor his parents protected him, and he died from their neglect. They said, ‘The good Lord was ready […]
September 17, 2020

HOME RANGE – Lindsay Metivier

HOME RANGE Photographs by Lindsay Metivier September 18th – November 1st Closing reception Friday, October 30th, 6-9pm (pandemic permitting) For her first solo show at Lump, Lindsay Metivier has created a phantasmagoric series of photographs that she took during the wee hours of the morning, when most humans are pleasantly absent and deer emerge to track across their claimed territory, commonly referred to as “home range.” The show displays the logic of a mind that has given in to insomnia and accepted as reality, the faltering line between consciousness and dreams. Anyone who has stayed up all night knows that there are moments of acute perception at the height of exhaustion. Lindsay catalogs those moments in technically exquisite prints that each build on a mysterious, after hours narrative. Price List and Press Release
June 28, 2020

Hit List

FLICK, PAPERBACK, SOUND While you’re sequestered, look at the bright side. Time suddenly feels like it did when you were ten. It yawns. It drags. It lays bare, huge swaths of itself. That’s an awful prospect when you’re a kid, but knowing what you know now, consider the luxurious reality of having the time to catch up on that back log of entertainment you’ve been wishfully adding to for years. Through HIT LIST, Team Lump will share its entertainment favs with you. We’re talking about essential material that has, in some part, defined our culture, both high and low. So, if your watch list is depleted, you’re sick of hearing that nagging ear worm, or you just ripped through the last of the Travis McGee pulp series, then check in every Friday for an ever growing list of movies, books […]
March 23, 2020


FÄQUE KNEWS, beginning March 27th online Thanks to COVID- 19, we are forced to reconsider our use of the gallery space, in a moment when its traditional function is a sudden liability to public health. Like most art spaces, Lump has shut its doors and retracted into an entirely digital space. But instead of showing images of work that are originally designed to be experienced with feet on the ground, eyeball to canvas, Lump is investing its energy in showcasing work that is meant to exist solely in a digital space. FÄQUE KNEWS is the first of a series of exclusively digital projects that circumvent the traditional model of exhibition. Geraldo Rivera recently told us on national T.V. that if we can hold our breath for more than ten seconds, then we clearly don’t have the Corona virus. That type […]