May 29, 2023


SYZYGY Art Box (A syzygy – SIZ-ə-jee – is an alignment of planets and/or stars.) Eleven NC-based artists are contributing work to a limited edition of 40 portfolio boxes.  Along with Annie Blazejack & Geddes Levenson (the creators of the portfolio), a total of eleven artists will be showing work on the other side of Lump this month: Jonh Blanco, Aliyah Bonnette, Alexandria Clay, Jerstin Crosby, King Nobuyoshi Godwin, Clarence Heyward, Pete Sack, Shelley Smith, Yuko Taylor, Bill Thelen). It’s an instant art collection! Each 22” x 15” box has 11 artworks in it, one from each participating artist. Thirty boxes are for sale for $1,300 each. To reserve your Art Box, just email or DM @annieandgeddes on Instagram. SYZYGY Portfolio on Instagram HERE
May 29, 2023

Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson | A Matter of Life and Death (Probably Death)

A Matter of Life and Death (Probably Death) Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson June 2 through July 2, 2023 Opening reception: Friday June 2nd, 6-9pm A Matter of Life and Death (Probably Death) is a painting show with a plot twist. It is a show about how truth shifts depending on your point of view. It’s a show about how both looking and knowing that you’re being looked at can be assertions of power. The paintings imagine precarious choreographies between women and wild animals, perilous partnerships that only exist because they are frozen in paint. Saturated light splashes across nightscapes. Fluorescent colors and crisp lines contrast with mushy grays and muted hues. Portrait subjects look back with bravado – though the eye contact doesn’t always come from a human. As we play out the performance of the gaze in a […]