May 24, 2021

PLAN 9: George Jenne

PLAN 9 NEW WORK BY GEORGE JENNE May 21st through June 27th OPENING RECEPTION, Friday June 4th, 6-9pm The plot of Ed Wood’s famously bad, Plan 9 From Outer Space, pivots on an extraterrestrial plot to sow chaos among the human race in order to get mankind to listen. The message: “Don’t build a doomsday weapon that will destroy the universe, dummies.” In George Jenne’s mind, the deep antagonism of the last four years suggests that Plan 9 got the green light, and that the aliens are on a fool’s errand. His latest, color saturated video installation imagines this strategic chaos through an amalgam of images and a cacophony of sound. The work features a cryptic newscast, an anarchist cooking show, a man with vampiric delusions, a menacing altar, a taxonomy of conspiratorial totems, and the warbling voice of Reverend Jim Jones as he […]
May 24, 2021

WHOLED UP: Alexandria Clay

WHOLED UP INTRODUCING ALEXANDRIA CLAY May 21st through June 27th OPENING RECEPTION, Friday June 4th, 6-9pm Durham-based artist, Alexandrea Clay writes, “At the apex of the pandemic, we bore witness to massive gatherings to protest continued racial injustice. But a demonstrated strength in numbers held a new level of risk for people of color who hoped to see change in their communities.” This is the crux of Wholed Up, by the second of Lump’s, Artist First Fund recipients. In it, Alexandria explores and celebrates closeness during a time when a new sense of danger accompanies proximity and overshadows many of the nurturing aspects of intimacy, especially in communities of color. So she renders tender, interpersonal moments in charcoal on stretched and dyed paper, in a sprawling series of images. But what we see is not wholly pleasant. In a clever inversion, through the manipulation of paper, Alexandria taunts us with hints of the double standard that American culture has […]
April 19, 2021
Drawing by Jason Lord

Drawing Room at Lump Outpost: Jason Lord

DRAWING ROOM NEW DRAWINGS BY JASON LORD April 9th – May 15th Drawing Room, curated by Bill Thelen presents a series of drawings by Jason Lord that converge into single, sprawling piece. Jason says, “This is a continually expanding, meditative drawing – a mandala that I’m making as I think about dharmas, atoms, memories, what it means to be or seem whole, and what it means to be connected.  While I draw it, each square has new potential for intersection, belonging, or individualism.”
November 16, 2020
Voice to Skull

Voice to Skull

Voice to Skull is Lump’s latest online series of performances captured in digital format and presented exclusively on the Lump website. Every week you’ll be able to stream a new video performance by one of six sound artists. The title refers to a non lethal weapon that mimics the effects of mental illness in a human target by focusing microwaves on a person’s skull. The resulting effects are perceived as voices in that person’s head along with a spate of emotions and varying states of arousal, a phenomenon referred to as subliminal atmospheric acoustics. Voice to Skull’s curator, Mike Geary, describes the project as a sonic protest. A retaliation. Against what? The list is long, so let’s start with banality. These artists make music that pushes nearly every convention of music making. Their instruments are instrument panels, made up of […]