November 29, 2021


BAD TOUCH 2.0 GROUP DRAWING SHOW CURATED BY BILL THELEN December 3 – January 16 opening reception, Friday December 3, 6-9pm Bill Thelen and a few of his cohorts originally came up with what would become the title to this show, in reference to their common approach to drawing: a style so lackluster that the end results were often great. They would refer to other artists with this peculiar gift for drawing as having a “bad touch.” It could be the charming way the lines are lazily put to the paper, or a drawing’s endearingly sophomoric feel. Or, it could be an awkward rendering, where the beauty of an object is muddled, but somehow comes out beautiful anyway. Whatever the cherished flaw, a drawing like this has the potential to cut through the bullshit in an exceedingly conservative art market, one with a logic of value that strains credulity. The first Bad Touch […]
November 16, 2020
Voice to Skull

Voice to Skull

Voice to Skull is Lump’s latest online series of performances captured in digital format and presented exclusively on the Lump website. Every week you’ll be able to stream a new video performance by one of six sound artists. The title refers to a non lethal weapon that mimics the effects of mental illness in a human target by focusing microwaves on a person’s skull. The resulting effects are perceived as voices in that person’s head along with a spate of emotions and varying states of arousal, a phenomenon referred to as subliminal atmospheric acoustics. Voice to Skull’s curator, Mike Geary, describes the project as a sonic protest. A retaliation. Against what? The list is long, so let’s start with banality. These artists make music that pushes nearly every convention of music making. Their instruments are instrument panels, made up of […]