June 5, 2024

the nothing that is – Chapter 7

“Back in 2015, I curated the nothing that is (a drawing show in 5 parts) at CAM Raleigh. The exhibition then traveled to the Carnegie in Cincinnati and picked up drawers along the way. I’ve been thinking a lot about that show in recent years and I never felt it was complete and hopefully it will never be. Chapter 6 investigated queer strategies last month at Lump, Chapter 7 investigates the relationship between sound and drawing.”  -Bill Thelen The 3 part ‘sound as drawing’ event will have 3 music events during the weekends of: June 7 – 9 | grow with us – enmossed and hot releases music labels June 14 – 16 | Exquisite Corpse – All Data Lost June 21 – 23 | The Devil finds work for the unoccupied mind – Wifflefist Weekender Please note all of June […]