Drawing Room Invitational

Drawing Room Invitational

Drawing Room Invitational

Opening on Friday, April 5th, 6-9pm
Open Saturdays & Sundays 1-5 until May 25th 

the nothing that is – Chapter 6 :

Drawing Room Invitational – a queer, trans, non binary, 2 spirit, plwa drawing summit/ conclave opening at Lump on April 5th.

“So back in 2015, I curated the nothing that is (a drawing show in 5 parts) at CAM Raleigh. The exhibition then traveled to the Carnegie in Cincinnati and picked up drawers along the way. I’ve been thinking a lot about that show in recent years and I never felt it was complete and hopefully it will never be.  I started drawing room (a queer, nomadic, drawing initiative) in 2016 and I decided to add two more chapters.” -Bill Thelen

Chapter 6 investigates queer/trans/nonbinary/2spirit drawing strategies and is presented by drawing room for its Invitational. Chapter 6 opens next Friday, April 5th @lump_raleigh and will grow and evolve until the end of its run May 25th.  Chapter 7 will address ‘sound as drawing” and will take place in June.

Lump will be divided into different zones that explore different agencies and identities of a drawing practice and encourage all possibilities of participation. We are trying to say yes to as many proposals and submissions as possible, but we reserve the right to reject any works that we feel causes harm. The different parts for the exhibition are as follows with room to add more as needed and as we go along.

Participating artists, so far:

zone1 drawing proposals/installations

Greta Boney, Conner Calhoun, Beth Tacular, Dutes Miller, Carrie Elzey, Jason Lord, Marion Tisdale IV, Leif Zikade, Bill Thelen

zone2 a large wall for curated drawings that folx submit or drop off at the gallery

Chelsea Amato, Kathryn Desplanque, Marty Rogers, Lydia Weinberger, Kris Stephenson, Freddie Bell, Jonh Blanco, Chris Bogia, Jacques Beas, Mike Blassingham, Brad Hoseley, Ray

zone3 a place to make drawings and hang in a dedicated space and a place for workshops, drawing clubs and meeting place

Kathryn Desplanque, Trans men drawing session

zone4 a community bulletin board to disperse information and a place to hang mailed in submissions and mail art projects

mail art, Lgbtq+2s flyers, #25postcardexchange

zone5 a queer reading room for books and zines by and for queer artists

Edie Fake, Jacques Beas, Gender Fail, various queer books and comics

zone6 a sticker/print wall that encourages artists who use these mediums to promote themselves

Jacques Beas, Leeman Smith, Gender Fail

zone7 drawing room wall in Lump for 2 solo shows in April and May.

April – Conner Calhoun

100% of sales of work go to artists and buyers are encouraged to purchase work through the artist/drawers themselves.

We are still seeking drawers, proposals, installations, volunteers, screenings, workshops, drawing sessions and community engagement up until May 20th. Inquires and submissions can sent here.

Then on the final weeks all the zones will be eroded and open for remixing/remastering/rearranging/reorganizing

You can read the Frieze review from ‘the nothing that is’.