Story Sharing Event

Story Sharing Event

Friday. July 22nd, 7:30-9pm

Abortion Stories 2022, is an interactive art project, founded by Cassandra Neyenesch @CassandraNeyenesch and Carolina Franco @dra.wc_franco, that will provide Lump as a safe, non-judgmental space for anyone who feels moved to share their personal abortion story. You will not be recorded without your permission, but you may indicate in the notes section of the sign-up form (linked below), whether or not you consent to have your story documented, in video or audio form.

The story telling event is for absolutely anyone who wants to share their experience with abortion, regardless of whether they have been pregnant or not. Those who prefer to tell their story privately, have the option to share it with a listener, one-on-one. You can explore more about this ongoing project, HERE. and HERE.

We are especially welcoming of people with identities that are disproportionately affected in the abortion struggle: BiPOC, and LGBTQ+ people as well as religious people who support others’ right to choose.

SIGN UP HERE to tell your story.