Team Lump

September 5, 2016

Louis Watts : On Today

On Today September 2016 On Today features an installation of 64 charcoal drawings of a single form. For the past few months Watts has been repeating this single composition daily in order to reach the final amount. It is an exercise in finding moments of grace and appreciating unintended errors within the slog of daily routine. The form employed in the composition appears as a seemingly universal image. Yet, while alluding to familiar forms it strays away from any particular iconography or object. On Today not only explores the quiet singularities within quotidian labor, but also the interpretation of the holistic result of that labor. Wanting to not only exhibit the inner workings and conceptual drivers of the artist, the project also employs the thoughts of Dr. Gary Slater, a philosophy academic based in Austin, TX. While a myriad of […]
July 28, 2016

Rooms on Fire

Rooms on Fire Curated by Mike Geary and Joe Grillo July 2016 ROOMS ON FIRE is a group exhibit curated by Joe Grillo and Mike Geary. Grillo and Geary have been collaborating for over 20 years. In ROOMS ON FIRE they have invited other long time collaborators to exhibit in Lump during their residency in Flanders. Artists work in a variety of media from experimental sound and performance to collage and painting. Works will be added and rotated throughout the month of July. Lump is located at 505 S. Blount St, Raleigh, NC. More information about our mission and exhibition programs can be found at
July 27, 2016

Joe Grillo and Mike Geary : Geary and Grillo

Geary and Grillo July-August 2016 For July and August, Flanders and Lump work together to host Joe Grillo and Mike Geary in a collaborative residency with pop up performances, a group exhibition curated by Grillo and Geary, and a two person exhibit in August presenting the works created during residency. “Mining a kind of throwaway culture of 99-Cent stores, the ubiquitous thrift shops of his home town of Virginia Beach, with their long-forgotten cartoon characters or cereal box mascots, broken toys or instruments, crazy fabrics or discarded lamps, Joe Grillo generates a constant flow of remixed and regurgitated visual information of hybrid pop nonsense that when organized and presented in his artworks and shows, stops seeming random and starts speaking meaningfully to an audience that can synthesize the amount of cultural information he does, and who looks as closely at […]
May 2, 2016

Team Lump : Arise! Bald Man! King of Hair People!

Arise! Bald Man! King of Hair People! Team Lump May 2016 In celebration of Lump’s 20th year of programming, Lumpxx comes to an end with Arise! Bald Man! King of Hair People! an installation by the collective Team Lump. “Second Book of Kings (2:23) the prophet Elisha is met by a group of children who taunt him for his baldness. So great an offense is this derision to the prophet that he curses the children in the name of the Lord, and immediately two bears come out of the woods to mangle them.” Team Lump is an artist collective that has been actively collaborating for over a decade. The group began as an outgrowth of the Raleigh, North Carolina project space Lump. Bill Thelen, its founder, curates artists into the collective, and the team fluctuates slightly on a project-to-project basis. […]
April 2, 2016

Albee/Carland/Hauser/Oleson : Four Man Show

Four Man Show April 2016 Lump presents Four Man Show: Albee/Carland/Hauser/Oleson, four outstanding artists who have had solo exhibitions at Lump in the past. Carland’s Queer Youth, 1999, black-and-white portraits taken in Durham, shown at Lump in 1999 (and never elsewhere), will return to the gallery. Albee’s photographs, condition reports, 2015-16, positions condition reports for portraits by Man Ray in color block formations. Hauser’s painting FR(blue), 2014, combine shield-like image of initials and bodies. Oleson’s video Actually, blue is not a warm color, 2014, made on Fire Island, is about time spent making things with friends and mourning—a vision of queer life that perhaps counters recent, more popular portrayals. Lump is located at 505 S. Blount St, Raleigh, NC. More information about our mission and exhibition programs can be found at
March 2, 2016

Michael A. Salter : Gristle Sausage

Michael A. Salter Gristle Sausage March 2016 ” Hyperconnectivity and globalization offers us an all-you-can-eat visual buffet. I seek those sweet or salty pleasure responses that provide the awe and terror of my visuality. Scraping bits, pieces, and parts from the fringes of visual culture as my ingredients; I grind the parts and stuff them into a resolution, into a kind of gristle sausage. Pharmaceutical drugs, blurry portraits, psychedelia and goofy faces are some of the drawings that comprise a giant billboard sized installation along with a bric-a-brac kitsch bauble sculpture made of smaller bric-a-brac kitsch bauble sculptures and some big wall text in ‘GRISTLE SAUSAGE’ by michael a. salter, at Lump Gallery/Projects, March 2016 “In our urban world, in the streets that we walk and the buses we take, in the magazines we read, on walls, on screens, we […]
February 2, 2016

Richard C. : Black Holes

Richard C. Black Holes February 2016 Richard C. is an enigma. You can never just focus on the single image that is before you. Every word, every image is a black hole. The images you are presented with are in a constant state of flux, able to morph, spaceshift and defy time as if they exist in a black hole. The work presented in Black Holes is from the past, present and possible futures. Spanning decades, the exhibition includes drawings, correspondence, sculpture, readymades, doodles, collage and many other pieces of detritus installed through the Lump lens. This is one show not to be missed. Richard C.’s work was reintroduced in The Nothing That Is – a drawing show in 5 parts at CAM Raleigh this past summer. His correspondence between Ray Johnson from 1968 until his death in 1995 was […]
December 2, 2015


Urchins December 2015 Urchins is a group show featuring: Amanda Barr, Kelie Bowman, Archie Lee Coates, Max Hubenthal, Ryan McLennan, Eli McMullen, Allyson Mellberg, Travis Robertson, Sto, Souther Salazar, Jeremy Seth Taylor, and Amandine Urruty. The works in Urchins investigate our relationship with nature and our effect on the natural world. Urchins are important to the life of the ocean as they help maintain the coral reefs, but their overgrowth can be detrimental. There is a delicate balance in nature between helping and hurting, this serves as an interesting analogy of our place in the environment as humans. As part of Lumpxx, this show brings together old friends/collaborators from Team Lump, Cinders Gallery, Thanky Space, and some new friends too. Lump is located at 505 S. Blount St, Raleigh, NC. More information about our mission and exhibition programs can be […]
November 2, 2015


WE PAIN November 2015 The exhibition is a collaborative installation of Philadelphia artists that have come together to recreate the likeness of an infirmary room inhabited by patients who are mysteriously absent from view. The asylum-like room is littered with personal belongings, bearing signs of their attempts for recovery and rehabilitation. It is difficult to ascertain whether the objects in the room portray earnest attempts by the medical staff to find a cure or rather the individual’s desperate attempts at self-healing. The boundaries between real and imaginary, homeopathy and quack sciences become confused as the slapstick and deadly serious sit side by side. The whole field of view, albeit melodramatic or darkly comical and poignant, is bracketed by an empathetic, humanist view of life and suffering. Contents of the infirmary room include: a self-wetting bed, a giant medicine cabinet of […]
October 2, 2015


Dress/Shield October 2015 Dress/Shield, a group exhibition of new works by six women artists who have a history of showing at Lump. The artists featured in Dress/Shield include Leah Bailis, Philadelphia, PA; Lee Delegard, Brooklyn, NY; Lydia Moyer, Covesville, VA; Molly Schafer, Chicago, IL; Tory Wright, Greenville, SC; and Laura Sharp Wilson, Salt Lake City, UT. Their working processes are diverse, encompassing sculpture, textiles, video, photography, and works on paper. For the artists, their identity as women underpins the work they make. Individually, their voices are distinct and varied. This group show is an opportunity to see how the perception of those voices changes when they are in chorus and to explore the connections between the work of women artists who are disparate in geography and media while sharing a formative connection to North Carolina and Lump. Schafer and Wright […]
September 2, 2015

Ludwig Schwarz : Encounters

Ludwig Schwarz Encounters September 2015 For his fourth solo exhibition at Lump, Dallas-based artist Ludwig Schwarz presents Encounters.” A crusty old smoker meets a well travelled luggage carrier at an art opening. They fall in love and then go off to try to search out a life for themselves, immobile as they may be. Yet there is someone that wants to get in their way, and as it turns out, that someone has a dirty secret. ENCOUNTERS” Ludwig Schwarz completed his MFA at the School of Visual Arts New York and returned to Dallas, where he has continued to exhibit both locally and nationally. Recent exhibitions include; Ludwig Schwarz: Retrospective (1990–2014), Dallas Biennial, Oliver Francis Gallery, Dallas, TX; Meet the Schwarzes, NADA NY with James Cope Projects; the 2012 and 2010 Brucennial, NY; Galerie Carolyn Heinz, Hamburg, Germany (2011); Leo […]
June 2, 2015

Carrie Alter & George Jenne : With Everyone Watching

Carrie Alter & George Jenne With Everyone Watching June 2015 George Jenne and Carrie Alter pit video against painting in a burlesque of characters who could only be found inside the carnival midway. Their work converges in the form of a sketchbook that the two traded off, working and reworking each other’s marks with the same indulgence and grotesquerie that characterizes their respective practices. A selection of those drawings is reproduced in a limited edition book, sized to slide neatly into the rear pocket of a pair of Jordache jeans. Carrie Alter was born in Miami, Florida. She first discovered her passion for the arts at the age of five, when she began taking piano and voice lessons from Katerina Kittredge, an aspiring country singer who would become Carrie’s first mentor and muse. Over the next seven years Carrie and […]