La Donna Del Lago – Leanne Shapton


Dec 19, 2019 - Jan 24, 2020
Opens: Thursday, December 19 6-9pm
First Friday event: Friday, Jan 3rd, 2020 6-9pm

Leanne Shapton’s unique brand of story telling surfaces at the point where text and image gently collide, in her humorously cryptic books. The vitrines in the gallery hold the original elements from two such books, Sunday Night Movies, published by Drawn and Quarterly, and her latest, Guest Book, published by Penguin Random House Press. The former is a series of noir-esque paintings taken from still frames of famous black and white movies of eras past. The latter is comprised of found photos and art, paired with original text and paintings that spins a series of sometimes hysterical, other times contemplative ghost stories. Leanne’s reverence for the cinematic moment drives the work in this show, and the economy of her method is enviable. While each of Leanne’s images harbors a discrete narrative itself, the entire collection reveals a delicately rendered tableau of dark but endearing aspects of American culture and basic human nature.

Three of Leanne’s books are available at The Concern Newsstand it the back of the gallery. The rest are available practically everywhere. Go here to see what and where:
Associated film screenings:
The Possessed, aka La Donna Del Lago (1965) Friday, Jan 10, 7pm
Lost Highway (1997) Friday, Jan 17, 7pm