February 8 – March 16, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, February 8, 6 – 9pm

Part of The Neon Heater’s Year 7: The Temperature
The Chess Club, curated by The Neon Heater and Teréz Iacovino

Artists include: Amy Sacksteder, Christopher Martin, Eli Gfell, Emily Swanberg, Everything Is Collective, Marc Mitchell, Prerna, Rebecca Steele

The Temperature is a curatorial project of The Neon Heater, an artist run space in Findlay, OH. As part of their seventh year of exhibitions, The Neon Heater will be curating a series of 26 exhibitions across the United States between September 2018 and May of 2019. A loose conceptual narrative will connect the exhibitions via a monthly framework that unfolds throughout the course of the year. The narrative is a critique of the Art world and capitalist art market, American nationalism and exceptionalism, and universalized Hollywood blockbusters. February’s monthly theme is The Chess Club.

As part of themonthly theme The Chess Club, 4 exhibitions (Kingmaker, Sentinels (i) : Infiltrate, Sentinels (ii) : Subvert, and Sentinels (iii) : Organize) in February will introduce to the narrative strategies and methodologies for disrupting a status quo.

Infiltrate features a diverse smattering of works which draw upon the idea of construction; of building something. These works are subtly shifted, subverted and re-imagined. The idea of infiltration requires one to become something that appears to be just like everything else, but is in fact an intruder. To change the world, one must first abide by its rules to gain power and momentum.

Sentinels (i) : Infiltrate was curated by Ian Breidenbach of The Neon Heater and Teréz Iacovino, and features work by Amy Sacksteder, Christopher Martin, Eli Gfell, Emily Swanberg, Everything Is Collective, Marc Ethan Mitchell, Prerna, and Rebecca Steele.

Other Neon Heater exhibitions currently on view across the United States.

Exhibition #15 – Kingmaker is on view at The Neon Heater in Findlay, OH from Feb 1 – 22 

Exhibition #17 – Sentinels (ii) : Subvert is on view at SNAG Gallery in Seattle, WA from February 2 – March 6 

Exhibition #18 – Sentinels (iii) : Organize is on view at The Provincial in Kaleva, MI from February 4 – 24