LUMP IN THE NIGHT Your faithful fiends at LUMP beckon from the darkest corner of the parking lot. Join us under cover of moonlight for guest-curated cinematic incantations to invoke the spirit of The Last Halloween and usher in a new occult age with suburban witches, sinister surgeons, basement dwelling hellions, oozing ETs, sapphic lycanthropes and much, much more.
Upcoming Screenings:
4/25/22, 8pm: Over the Edge / Parents double feature
If you experienced the horrors of Grey Culbreth Jr high, in Chapel Hill during the 70's or 80's, (or even worse, Chewning, in Durham) then Over the Edge will dust off and replay every memory you repressed from that place, for an hour and thirty-five minutes. Pair that with Randy Quaid's, 50s era, cannibalistic, father figure in Parents, to round out the cynicism, and you'll quickly realize that the kids are NOT alright. Not then. Not now. Not ever.

Previous Screenings:
4/8/22: Wild Zero and Return of the Living Dead Guest curated by Mike Geary “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth. “ See it for yourself at Lump, this Friday after sundown with an uproarious zombie apocalypse double feature. Assembled by @lump_raleigh @mikegeary777 @moviegoer_nc @mysterymeatfilms

2/25/22: Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein in 3-D
Lump in the Night presents a single feature that shows us that art can actually be damaging. It’s Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein in glorious, hypnogogic, sometimes nauseating anaglyph 3D! A true perversion of Mary Shelley’s classic gothic novel. We’ll be passing out 3D glasses stamped with the Lump in the Night logo and offering hot toddies to ease the night chill. Parental guidance is strongly suggested on this one. Paul Morrisey, the movie’s director, pulled no punches when it came to absurdity and humor, but he also delved deep into some heavy taboos. Beware.

12/17/21: Another Attempt at a DOUBLE FEATURE

Friday, February 25th, after sundown
Our Shitty Christmas Lump in the Night was a wash after being rained out last month. But the LITN fans and crew are a tenacious bunch. It may be that we prefer jittering through our favorite movies in the bitter cold, rather than slouching on a warm couch with Netflix spewing relentless auto-previews out of the LCDee Ultra HDee Tee Vee. The camaraderie of a miserably cold, group-movie-stake-out renews our faith in community. So we'll try again with the promise of horror flicks paired with hot toddies and a fire, at the end of February. Organized by Moviegoer NC and Mystery Meat.

10/1//21:The Guardian (1990) and Without Name (2016) eco horror double feature

5/14/21: TBD presented by Mystery Meat and Tuttle Recall

4/3/21: Goodnight Mommy + Lemora presented by Mystery Meat and Tuttle Recall

12/18/20:Wolfs Hole (2018) presented by Tuttle Recal

10/30: Ginger Snaps (2000) + Good Manners (2018) presented by Tuttle Recall and Conner Calhoun

10/23: The Unseen (1980) + Eyes Without A Face (1960) presented by Mystery Meat

10/16: Lucifer Rising (1972) + Season of the Witch (1973) + ? (1977) presented by Conner Calhoun

10/9: Deadly Spawn (1982) + CreepTales (1993) presented by Lunchmeat and Tuttle Recall

This is an outdoor movie experience – B.Y.O. blankets or you can use one of Lump's sanitized folding chairs.