LUMP IN THE NIGHT Your faithful fiends at LUMP beckon from the darkest corner of the parking lot. Join us under cover of moonlight for guest-curated cinematic incantations to invoke the spirit of The Last Halloween and usher in a new occult age with suburban witches, sinister surgeons, basement dwelling hellions, oozing ETs, sapphic lycanthropes and much, much more.
Upcoming Screenings:
10/1//21:The Guardian (1990) and Without Name (2016) eco horror double feature

Previous Screenings:
5/14/21: TBD presented by Mystery Meat and Tuttle Recall

4/3/21: Goodnight Mommy + Lemora presented by Mystery Meat and Tuttle Recall
12/18/20:Wolfs Hole (2018) presented by Tuttle Recal
10/30: Ginger Snaps (2000) + Good Manners (2018) presented by Tuttle Recall and Conner Calhoun
10/23: The Unseen (1980) + Eyes Without A Face (1960) presented by Mystery Meat
10/16: Lucifer Rising (1972) + Season of the Witch (1973) + ? (1977) presented by Conner Calhoun
10/9: Deadly Spawn (1982) + CreepTales (1993) presented by Lunchmeat and Tuttle Recall
Friday, October 1st,2021The Guardian (1990) and Without Name (2016) eco horror double feature Friday, October 1st, first feature starts at 7pm Lump in the Night continues with two eco horror gems that we're betting many of you have never seen or have long forgotten. We'll whet the palate with a selection by Mystery Meat: The Guardian, William Friedkin's version of a malevolent Hamadryad in the shape of an über sexed nanny. Ever see a tree bleed deep red? Then we'll go from a single tree to the whole forest in a selection by Moviegoer NC: Without Name, a hypnotic sleeper about a land surveyor who looses his mind amid an ancient, evil woodland. It's European...
This is an outdoor movie experience – B.Y.O. blankets or you can use one of Lump's sanitized folding chairs.