Lump in the Night – July 3rd

Lump in the Night – July 3rd

LUMP IN THE NIGHT Action USA / Return of the Living Dead

Sunday, July 3rd, 8pm.

TWO Lumps in the Night!? Well, yeah man. It’s summer. We’ve just gotten over our Covid infections, and we’re feeling ambitious; daringly so, despite the prolonged fatigue.

Up first, Josh from Lunchmeat has offered us his latest video release, a patriotic Chuck Norris knock-off that puts Chuck to shame, called Action USA. We will indeed be hooking up the VCR and playing it in a soothing 320 by 240 lines of resolution.

For the second feature, we’re doing a make-up day for Return of the Living Dead. It just didn’t feel right, that quiet April night, because the story takes place on the night of July 3rd, so… ‘got to.

Organized by Moviegoer NC and Mystery Meat with guest host, Lunchmeat VHS. Look out for weather influenced updates on IG and Facebook.