Lump Re-launch: “We Are Happy To Serve You”

Lump Re-launch: “We Are Happy To Serve You”

We Are Happy To Serve You
January 28 – March 1

We Are Happy to Serve You sets off a full month of spectacle as LUMP transforms from a grassroots DIY space to a community supported non-profit project space. Founded by Bill Thelen and Med Byrd, Lump began as an artist run gallery in 1996. Over the past twenty years, Bill, Med, and artists of Team Lump have served the NC community providing space for thought-provoking art, while acting as a pipeline for conversation between North Carolina and the larger contemporary art world. This February we celebrate LUMP and kickstart the next twenty years with what we believe are required viewings: Over 20 collaborations and performances that you must see by artists you need to know.  


“El lugar de tus ideals” – (an elaborate mexican market, dreamlike, something) an installation by Amanda Barr, Bill Thelen, Martha Clippinger, and Mollie Earls.

“Print shop/Dollar Store/ Smoke Shop”- (deviance at it’s cheapest, browse the black market) an installation by Derek Toomes, Destineez Child (April Childers and Carmen Tiffany ), Megan Sullivan, Mollie Earls, Drew Robertson, and Jerstin Crosby.

“Bill’s Bald Beignets” – (step directly into one of Jenne’s narratives, normally video, scrutinize the detail, fuel up with french donuts and chicory coffee, something) an installation by George Jenne.

Lump is located at 505 S. Blount St, Raleigh, NC. More information about our mission and exhibition programs can be found at