Folding Space: John Felix Arnold

Folding Space: John Felix Arnold


John Felix Arnold
July 22nd through August 28th
Opening reception this Friday July 22, 6-9pm

For his first show at Lump, John Felix Arnold has created a sculptural installation that he describes as “a reimagining of mythologies that have come to dominate our current times.”

His preoccupation with alchemy and other forms of mythic transformation inspired Arnold to create a series of objects out of rusted tin roofing sheets, bundles of burned branches, rope, and other found objects. Spacial tension between these pieces is a key to Arnold’s work, which weighs aesthetic relationships between objects, against the metaphysical implications of his assemblages.

There’s an unshakeable narrative quality to these works, as if Arnold were tracing an etherial history, both forward and backward, simultaneously. He is, without a doubt, a seeker. Feeling his way through a process that opens him up to a deeper sense of awareness, contemplation, connectivity and purpose.