BEGAT – Warren Hicks

Prints and sculpture by Warren Hicks

September 18th – November 1st
Closing reception Friday, October 30th, 6-9pm (pandemic permitting)

For his first solo show at Lump,  Warren Hicks will give us an irreverent reworking of The Book of Matthew in a series of searing, hilarious prints and biblical artifacts. He has transformed the gallery into his own version of a Bible museum. This is the culmination of over two years of work that stems from Warren’s antipathy toward his own hardcore Christian upbringing. Warren says, “My first experience with the insanity of extreme Christian beliefs hit me personally when I was fourteen years old. I lost my cousin because his parents wouldn’t take him to a doctor when he sick, because they believed in miracles and God would protect him. Neither God nor his parents protected him, and he died from their neglect. They said, ‘The good Lord was ready to take him to Heaven.’ ” His story sets a dark the tone for the show, but Warren leavens the trauma with absurdist humor in the vein of the comedic master, Mel Brooks, leaving you laughing, embarrassed, and scared all at once.

BEGAT can be purchased in book form from Blount Objects in the back of the gallery.

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