Becky Flanders : PAIN BODIES (Feb 2 – March 10)

Becky Flanders : PAIN BODIES (Feb 2 – March 10)

Hand embroidered linen, synthetic thread 20 x 24” 2014

Becky Flanders


Political resistance and the accumulation of psychic pain

Feb 2 – March 10, 2018

LUMP is pleased to announce artist, Becky Flanders, as our next installment.

Becky Flanders is an artist and entrepreneur based in Tampa, FL. Born in the Washington DC area in 1980, she received her BS in Artificial Life and the Digital Arts from UMBC in 2002, and her MFA in Photography from USF in 2009. She is a leading member of the photography collective Fountain of Pythons, and a member of the all-female curatorial collective CUNSTHAUS. Her work has been exhibited from Miami to  Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Japan, and Australia. Her works have recently been accepted into the permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute.  Her focuses are the mythic feminine, transcendent and ecstatic states, sex positivity, and the relationship between subjects and states.

More info to come.

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