Amanda Barr : Group Hoarder Face Time

Amanda Barr : Group Hoarder Face Time

Amanda Barr

Group Hoarder Face Time

March 22 – April 27

No material is off limits for Amanda Barr’s latest show, Group Hoarder Face Time. Barr explores the confusion of being a human in our current climate of excess consumption, clutter, and botched communication. In a performance titled Aerobica, she explores a decorative paper cup by bringing the design to life with handmade flamingo costumes, and an original soundtrack by Mac McCaughan.

Barr will also present an installation that incorporates FaceTime video imported from an alternate universe, along with curated collected junk, painted textiles, ceramic sculptures and some sneaky contributions from fellow artists Conner Calhoun, April Childers and Bill Thelen. Barr invites you to investigate this story with popcorn clues or by asking Yellow Clairvoyant Therapist and assistant Sea Shell Icon. What the heck is happening?

“Each being in the world is tiny in the community of spirits, disconnected in any personal way but connected through media in our current existence. I’m liking the realness of creating art in a sloppy fashion, with my hands, with mushy messiness.  Using all types of mediums to get to the end product.  I’ve spent time in Mexico growing up and think some of my practice is learned from that culture. Using what you’ve got, and being resourceful with what’s in front of you.  Being spontaneous creates mistakes. I’m thinking that’s where my art happens. The accident, the mess. This challenge, this emotionally and physically turbulent scenario is fueled by an anxiety, irritation, and sadness. So there is an inner battle with joy and loneliness that has a cathartic moment during the creation of my projects.” — Amanda Barr

Amanda Barr was born in Ashland, Oregon. The daughter of two intellectual bohemians. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1996, and has shown in Miami, New York, Berlin, Japan and North Carolina. She is currently working mostly with clay, directing performances and making costumes. She not only encourages the arts in her own community by curating events and programs at her artspace My Room in Chapel Hill, but also runs Obracadobra art residency in Oaxaca, Mexico. She currently lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her son and husband.