Abortion Stories USA

Abortion Stories USA


Artist/activist group show
July 22nd through August 28th
Opening reception this Friday July 22, 6-9pm

Abortion Stories USA is a courageous, activated, sacred space celebrating women, queer and trans bodily autonomy. We hold space for abortion stories, reproductive justice and coalition-building across the United States and affirm unequivocally that the right to choose is a fundamental human right.

Immediately after Roe v. Wade was overturned, artist/curator Rebecca Goyette organized a group of artists and activists who speak bluntly about the growing crisis created by the nationwide cascade of bans on abortion. For everyone involved, this show is an essential step in normalizing and decriminalizing abortion by sharing stories, strategies, up-to-date information on abortion pills, and building support networks and mutual aid. 

Whether sculpture, video, works on paper, or an experiment in oral history, each piece of art is unapologetic in its support for reproductive choice. The physical art on display is not the only essential element. The show provides a space for dialogue and a safe container for sharing and gathering jstories through an ongoing project called, Abortion Stories, 2022, where, publicly during the reception, or privately afterward, people will be given the opportunity to share. 

Abortion Stories 2022, is a project, founded by Cassandra Neyenesch and Carolina Franco, that will provide LUMP a safe, non-judgmental space for anyone who feels moved to share their personal abortion story. 
Participating artists: Abortion Stories 2022, Wildcat Ebony Brown, Christen Clifford, Nadine Faraj, Rebecca Goyette, Michelle Hartney, Amy Khoshbin, Shireen Liane, Yvette Molina, Lydia Nobles and Viva Ruiz, founder of Thank God for Abortion.

Abortion Stories USA is curated by Rebecca Goyette, a multimedia feminist artisteducator and curator from New York CIty.  As an Educator and Independent Curator working with NYC leading cultural institutions including Museum of Modern Art’s Cullman Education Center Gallery, Kaufman Studios/Museum of Moving Image and the Museum of Sex, she has collaborated with diverse communities to develop innovative public programming including experimental films, artist-led symposiums, live performances and large-scale multi-media installations. For more information reach out to Rebecca Goyette at [email protected].

Above Image: crop from Yvette Molina, Bans Off, 26” x 20,” Digital Print AP, 2022
Homepage Banner Image: crop from Shireen Liane, Guns:1, Women:0 Flag, 3’ x 5’ printed flag with appliqué, 2022