FÄQUE KNEWS, beginning March 27th online

Thanks to COVID- 19, we are forced to reconsider our use of the gallery space, in a moment when its
traditional function is a sudden liability to public health. Like most art spaces, Lump has shut its doors
and retracted into an entirely digital space. But instead of showing images of work that are originally
designed to be experienced with feet on the ground, eyeball to canvas, Lump is investing its energy in
showcasing work that is meant to exist solely in a digital space. FÄQUE KNEWS is the first of a series of
exclusively digital projects that circumvent the traditional model of exhibition.

Geraldo Rivera recently told us on national T.V. that if we can hold our breath for more than ten
seconds, then we clearly don’t have the Corona virus. That type of irresponsible reporting comes as no
surprise, considering the recent wave of blame, rumor, paranoia, and misinformation that seems
chronic to White House press conferences, and that internet entities embrace fervently. The chaos is
downright exhausting, and our fatigue makes it tough to digest news of any caliber. So, Lump
has invited specific artists to beam their personal version of a news broadcast, from behind the gallery’s
shuttered doors, using a gloriously low budget, Lump TV set. This will exist as a work in progress, so the
themes and methods of production will vary week to week. Videos will be posted on the website as they
are produced, so check for new work every Friday, and watch the project evolve just as unexpectedly as the 24 hour news cycle.




The following video is purportedly slated to air on CNN just as the apocalypse hit, and the network signed off.

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