PORTOTONIC – Tactonic Collective

PORTOTONIC – Tactonic Collective

PORTOTONIC- Tactonic Collective


“Portotonic , an exhibit highlighting “themes of travel, displacement and nomadism,” will be running at Lump Gallery through Oct. 31. The show features a collection of portable artworks in the uniquely interactive installation style of Chicago-based art collective Tactonic, whose work combines recycled materials, the love of low technology and an interest in social interactions. The members include Huong Ngo ( www.huongngo.com ), Joshua Rosenstock ( www.joshuarosenstock.com ) and Matthew Steinke ( www.matthewsteinke.com ). ‘We created pieces that are fully portable and can be rapidly deployed,’ says Rosenstock. ‘As a group, we are committed to the ideal that art should exist not only in galleries, but be able to function in a variety of settings.'”

Excerpt From the INDY by Birgit Schuette

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