Log@Lump: Data Plan for a Preserving Machine

Log@Lump: Data Plan for a Preserving Machine

William Paul Thomas

LOG at Lump
Mini Series, Part Three: Data Plan for a Preserving Machine
May 5 – 28, 2017

Featuring Elizabeth Ferry, Takashi Horisaki, and William Paul Thomas

LOG presents the third and final installment of its mini series at Lump, Data Plan for a Preserving Machine. The three person group show includes works by Elizabeth Ferry, Takashi Horisaki, and William Paul Thomas.

This guy, who is a doctor, is all worried about what is gonna happen to all the art in the world when everything goes to shit, kinda like it looks like it’s going to now. Like, I mean, he is worried about what will happen to all the art and music when it’s all destroyed. A buddy comes out and visits him in L.A. He tells him of his plan to save or preserve all this “high culture” material. He tells his friend about a machine that he designed and had manufactured for this reason. Tell me if I’m getting this wrong. The doctor finally gets the machine delivered and it works! He feeds sheet music into the machine. I guess like how you would with one of those old 3 in 1 scanners, fax, copy, send bullshit. So, when he inserts the sheet music, the sheet music turns into an animal, bug or some other type of critter that he then releases into the woods, in his backyard. He later finds that over time the animals and bugs and all of them have evolved. The bugs and animals now fight and kill each other. He tries to put the critters back into the machine only to find out that their original score has also changed. Is this making any sense? It’s like that fake butter shake stuff that you put on popcorn and crap. I think…anyway, you get the gist.

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