Liquid Sky : Saturday August 18th, 6:30 pm

Liquid Sky : Saturday August 18th, 6:30 pm

We invite you to come and watch Liquid Sky with us.

August 18, at 6:30pm

As this will be the final day to view Siebren Versteeg’s exhibition, windowseat, we will be projecting, Slava Tsukerman’s, Liquid Sky — a 1982 independent, science fiction film — into Versteeg’s Thoughts, Without A Thinker installation. During the screening, the figurative, image capturing, sculptural element from the installation, will be seated within the audience. This sculptural element will collect Liquid Sky’s projection, delivering it thru an image recognition A.I. Screens hung within the space will present these results in real time throughout Liquid Sky‘s screening. 

Liquid Sky gives neon revelation to a New York that existed between late disco and the AIDS epidemic. Opening with disjointed synth sounds, we follow the heroin (sometimes hero), Margaret, into a high-fashion, drug fueled sub-culture that’s secretly invaded by a UFO. Visually grande, the neon lights, an ever changing electronic soundtrack and at times, awkward production, resonate with Versteeg’s, windowseat. The story glows and flickers toward transcendence much like the installation within the gallery. 

As usual, donations appreciated.