Jason Osborne : Fast and Frugal

Jason Osborne : Fast and Frugal

Fast and Frugal

December 2012

The term ‘fast and frugal’ is used in heuristics and cognitive psychology to describe a process of decision-making and learning. This method of problem solving is characterized by a ‘seat of the pants’ mentality, ‘rule of thumb’ thinking or an intuitive judgment. These judgments are not made by exhaustive research and logical charting over years of study, but by the immediate, limited information at hand, in conjunction with passed experience gained. Could it be we are smarter than we think when we are not over thinking?

Jason Osborne’s recent paintings reveal a camaraderie with this philosophy, evident in the process and the materials with which they were composed. Often, the marks contain a speed reminiscent of a snap judgment and often reek of frugality in their sparseness; the pieces, though wobbly and awkward, are not overly finicky and planned out. The materials-burlap, cardboard, used canvases and, sometimes, found stretchers-contain an economic frugality but also remain important in their accessibility.

Abstract imageries have emerged in these paintings via sightings of spray painted squirrels running in the gutter, sounds of the BQE outside my new Brooklyn studio, hand-made road sign pictures texted from friends in North Carolina, weird bodega coffee cups with abstract expressionist images on the side, and, of course, places yet to be determined.

Jason E Osborne is a recent Brooklyn transplant from Durham, North Carolina. He is a recent graduate of the MFA program at UNC. He invites you to stop by his studio at 87 Richardson St. Brooklyn N.Y. anytime you are in the area.

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