Funeral Parade of Roses : Friday October 26, 7pm

Funeral Parade of Roses : Friday October 26, 7pm

“Why did you want to be a gay boy?”

“Because I wanted to be a girl, I just like it.”

In conjunction with our exhibition Semiotics of Cruising : Exhibit A : Tearoom by William E Jones (courtesy of the artist and David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA) we will be screening Toshio Motsumoto’s Funeral Parade of Roses.

Funeral Parade of Roses was released in Tokyo in 1969, it stands as a championing voice for Queer Film and the Japanese new-wave genre. Loosely based off Oedipus Rex, the film follows young Eddie (played by transgender actress Peter/Pita) through drag-queen bars, student protest, and personal memories as she fuels a violent love triangle between fellow diva, Leda and the alpha, Gonda. 

During the time of filming Japan experienced a major rise in grass-root organization and student protest against the presence of American military during the Vietnam War. Setting a frenzied stage of riots and community tension for the characters within Motsumoto’s story. We can take literal meaning to the saying “putting on war paint” as young Eddie paints on her face and takes to the city of Tokyo.

The film free falls in and out of its self, going from documentary, to script, to experimental shorts, defying its own institutional formalities, ambiguously tracking its own identity, much like the queer subjects within the film. 

We will have snacks and refreshments.

Donations are very much appreciated.