Family Kachadourian : Troika

Family Kachadourian : Troika

Family Kachadourian

November 2012

Troika – Jan Razauskas, Gary Kachadourian and their son Jason Kachadourian three artists of distinctly different sensibilities will explore overlapping themes and perspectives just before they sit down to thanksgiving dinner together. In a series of six triptychs, each of the artists selects two works to serve as the core image of a three-part assembly; the other two artists put forward a response to the core work with a work of their own. Part schema, part gamble, the triptychs are an exploration of the conveyances of media, format and intentionality.

Jason Kachadourian embeds elements of loose patterning within a rigorous framework of cement, wood or silkscreen – drawing inspiration from the mix of structures and nature in his Brooklyn, New York locale. Gary Kachadourian of Baltimore, draws on an intimate scale, and then enlarges his drawings to outsized proportions via Xerox printing. Also in Baltimore, Jan Razauskas explores the self-referential image through drawing, painting and mixed media work.

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