Blount Force Magazine: The Beyond

Blount Force Magazine: The Beyond


Available February, 28th.

We’re calling this issue, The Beyond. Read about moments that occurred at threshold of the unknown. See  images that leave you hanging, ill at ease. We’ve collected a handful of artists’ accounts of the afterlife, UFOs, telekinesis, terrorists, magicians, cults and more. Blount Force #2 preaches Team Lump’s collective faith in the inexplicable. It’s a notion that nearly every artist enshrines in their creative practice, because if we knew for sure what our strangest experiences were and what they meant, we’d be bored to death, all the way into The Beyond.

Stop by the gallery in March and grab a copy, or go to, to place an order. You can also add it to your bag of printed goodies from The Concern Newsstand at,

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