Art Writing Workshop with Paddy Johnson

Art Writing Workshop with Paddy Johnson

Art Writing Workshop Series
Workshop I:  Paddy Johnson, ArtFCity
September 30th, 2017 

This September 30th, Lump will begin the first in a series of art writing workshops. Thanks to programming support from The Andy Warhol Foundation of the Visual Arts, the workshop is free.


Learn how to write about art like the pros. Led by Paddy Johnson, founder of the New York based Art Blog Art F City, this course will cover everything from how to how to choose the shows you review, how to structure and build critique, to tips on DIY publishing. It’s everything you’ll need to know, in a course taught by one of New York’s lead critics.

Skills taught:

How to identify shows to review.
How to write about the show in a way that’s clear and easily understood.
How to structure a review so people will read it.
How to figure out what your opinions are and articulate them.
How to write an honest negative review without being a jerk.
How to write conversational reviews with friends that provide analysis.
How to pitch and where to publish.
How to DIY publish.

This is the tip of the iceberg, folks. Sign up. Make your voice heard.

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