All Too Human

All Too Human

 All Too Human – Jim Cicatko

project room: Squirm – Dale Flattum

JUNE 2002

“After an eight-year hiatus from making visual art, UNC MFA candidate Jim Cicatko began, around 1993, a new series of works revolving around the human figure. Incorporating ideas from the Pythagorean/Orphic soma-sema, body-tomb analogy, histories and literature of antiquity, and the Gnostic concept of the demiurge, Cicatko has created intriguing new large-scale works on paper. ‘Erasmus admonishes the schoolchild to ‘Traduce no Body,'” Cicatko says. “This work traduces the body, but with love. The paintings are imperfect representations of an anti-human ideal.'”

Excerpt from the INDY

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